Beallwood Youth is devoted to partnering with parents in raising mature Christian youth who have all that is necessary to become capable Christ-like adults who seek to honor God with all of their lives.

Join us for:

Sunday school on Sunday at 9:30 am
– Where we are going through The Jesus Studies, a series of topical lessons that each last 4 weeks. They cover topics like “Jesus and Stress,” or “Jesus and Relationships” where we look at stories from Jesus’ life which speak to the topic. Each week, the student will go home with a 3 day devotional to do that week and a “Parent page” for them to give to their parent for further conversation at home.
SNL (Sunday Night Live) on Sunday at 5 pm
– Where we are going through the book of Genesis, chapter by chapter. Genesis was written by Moses to the Israelites right after they were freed from Egypt to tell them who God is and who they are as His people, and how the relationship is meant to function. So we are studying through it, chapter by chapter, to learn these truths.
Midweek on Wednesday Night at 6 pm
– Where we play some games, sing some songs, and study the book, How Does God Change Us by Dane Ortlund which answers the question, “I’m a Christian, now what?” We discuss issues like suffering, faith, and how do we continue to grow as a Christian in a broken world.